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BayWa r.e.’s Ferguson Wind Farm was successfully completed

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Installation of wind turbine generators at BayWa r.e.’s Ferguson Wind Farm was successfully completed last week. The project features three state of the art Vestas V136 4.0MW wind turbines and provides 10.8 MW of clean energy.

The equipment installed includes sections of steel towers for the 132m hub height wind turbines, nacelles, which house the wind turbine generators, and 66m long blades. These components were erected using cranes specially designed to lift large and heavy loads. The completed turbines stand 200m tall. The wind turbines will convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy and buy back the embedded energy used in manufacture and construction in less than six months of operation. The wind turbines are scheduled to enter their operation stage over the following months as they progress through Powercor’s connection process. 

Ferguson Wind Farm is one of four renewable energy projects BayWa r.e. has safely constructed through the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping many people in employment. Some forty-five people have been employed on the Ferguson project alone during this period. 

“Our sites are often in rural and remote communities” says Fleur Yaxley, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Projects Australia. “Our projects allow us to directly support local communities through employment and our daily contribution to small businesses, like restaurants and accommodation”. 

“I look forward to sharing more news about our local community initiatives over the coming months. Through the Neighbours Renewable Energy Program BayWa r.e. is offering financial support for the installation of rooftop solar panels to some 40 residents in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm and we will contribute to the Simpson Primary School under the Ferguson Wind Farm Community Fund.” With the objective to minimize the Coronaavirus’ spread the head contractor at Ferguson, Vestas, has adhered to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) precautionary measures, along with Federal and State Government advice and regulations. Health and safety practices have included temperature checks upon site entry, social distancing, regular site cleans, the practicing of personal hygiene and the temporary pause of non-essential travel. 

“The safety of our people, contractors and the communities in which we work is our number one priority. Thanks to the diligent health and safety practices embraced by BayWa r.e. and our contractors we are proud to say that we have recorded zero Coronavirus cases across our Australian sites. This includes sites which are operating and under construction” added Fleur. 

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Salim Pathan
PR contact APAC
BayWa r.e. AG
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