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Wimmera Plains Energy Facility

About the Project

The Wimmera Plains Energy Facility aims for an output of between 291MW and 416MW, connecting to western Victoria’s 220kV electricity network. Plans include 52 wind turbines with a blade-tip height of 247m above the ground. They will generate enough clean green renewable energy to power more than 202,000 homes remove 1.2 million tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere annually.

Project Location

The site for the proposed wind farm is 10km northeast of Horsham in western Victoria, on land both to the east and west of the north-south Henty Highway.


  • Diversifying the local economy.
  • A community benefit fund.
  • Jobs during construction, jobs during operation. 
  • Business opportunities for local suppliers.
  • Economic multiplier effect for local economy.  
  • Significant investment in local infrastructure.
  • Renewable energy to power 202,000 homes.

This project could generate up to 600 jobs during construction ­– both on site and in the wider community. Once up and running, we expect to provide employment for 15 local people and create up to 45 additional jobs in the region. 

Planning Permit

Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning issued the project’s Planning Permit (PA2000877) in July 2020. 

Corporate Movie

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