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Project-specific Local and International Financing Options and Solutions

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The right finance option and high-quality investment opportunities

Funding Wind and Solar Projects 

The process of financing wind and solar projects in Australia has not always been straightforward. Our local team has developed a network of financial contacts, which enables our diverse mix of projects to be funded in a range of ways, including with external equity and debt finance.  

Now, as the local arm of our German parent company BayWa AG, we are able to tap into a global funding network to construct tailored financing solutions for projects to be developed, built and operated.  

We at BayWa r.e in Australia pursue our own greenfield developments; however, we are always interested in considering involvement and investment in third-party projects. We can provide full technical, operational and financial support from early stage development through to long-term asset management.

Investment opportunities in high-quality operational wind and solar assets

Following the successful development and construction of high-quality assets, BayWa then looks for long-term investors for these assets. We seek equity investors for our projects at this stage. We develop projects with long-term relationships in mind and continue to provide the asset management for these projects.  

We are always keen to hear from new and potential investors and long-term partners in the renewable energy market.

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