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Locally Proven Wind and Solar EPC Construction Expertise

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Reliable EPC Solutions 

Every construction project has its own unique challenges – some predictable and some unexpected. It takes skill and experience at all levels and across all disciplines to ensure that projects are planned properly and constructed on time and on budget. 

Our in-house engineering expertise provides for quick and efficient project planning using the latest CAD and GIS engineering tools. Our processes ensure that suppliers and contractors are kept updated as necessary with detailed specifications and implementation plans.  

Once construction is under way, our dedicated project managers oversee all site activities, with particular focus on the working relationships between the various trades, suppliers and contractors on-site. Our detailed responsibility matrix process makes sure that potential gaps are identified and overlaps are carefully scheduled for maximum efficiency. 

The BayWa r.e. team has built close working relationships with some of the best suppliers and contractors in the country so that any issues which arise can be managed sensibly and efficiently without adversely affecting the project.  

Large construction projects affect their landowners, neighbours and the local community. We have learned from experience that time invested in maintaining good local relationships during construction can make it easier to deal with unexpected challenges and also help to create long-term goodwill.

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