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Over a Decade of Development Knowledge and Experience in Australian Conditions

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Delivering reliable, profitable and sustainable projects to the market

The local team behind BayWa r.e has been developing wind and solar projects across southern Australia for over a decade. Their comprehensive understanding and hard-earned practical experience cover all aspects of the development process. 

The foundation competencies of site identification, landowner engagement and feasibility assessment are all handled in-house, which ensures that rapid early-stage viability decisions can be made. Our in-depth knowledge of the complex state and federal regulatory environments can save our development partners time and money. 

Our success in securing multiple development approvals for projects results from our awareness of potential issues at local and state level, and our respectful engagement with neighbours and local communities that may be affected. 


Project planning applications are compiled in-house using input from the most appropriate expert consultants. We make sure that our responses meet the regulatory requirements to the letter in a format which is compatible with the government’s evaluation process. 


The rapid growth in wind and solar projects over recent years has increased the challenges of achieving cost-effective grid-connection solutions. Our knowledge of people, processes and the network architecture has never failed to secure grid connections for our projects when and where needed. 

Our long-standing relationships with leading wind and solar system suppliers and civil/electrical contractors allow rapid, accurate modelling of budgets and timelines to underpin key decisions. 

    Aidan O’Mahony
    Project Development Solar & Wind
    BayWa r.e. Projects Australia Pty Ltd
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