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Sustainability – it’s an integral part of our DNA.

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Sustainability and responsibility are paramount for BayWa r.e. 

As a company that is active around the world in the field of renewable energy, sustainability and responsibility are key aspects of our company identity. We support our clients in rethinking energy and fulfilling their own particular sustainability goals, and in doing so we contribute significantly to the global energy transition.

But more than this, sustainable action is an integral part of our company culture and our DNA; this is borne out by our many commitments to a wide range of projects and initiatives:

"Smart Biogas Network": off-grid with biogas in Tanzania

Biogas is a safe, cost-effective energy source that is already widely used in Tanzania's off-grid energy supply; for example, when cooking at home or for small agricultural operations. As a partner in the "Smart Biogas Network" project, BayWa r.e. is instrumental in keeping plants running and guaranteeing a reliable source of energy to help to sustain communities and make a noticeable difference to people’s daily lives.

Charity project for the "All Tribes" school in California, USA

The "All Tribes American Indian Charter School" has dedicated itself to meeting the special socio-economic and cultural needs of the Native American community in the city of San Diego. In addition to designing, developing and putting up a 25-kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system, we have compiled teaching material on the topic of renewable energy for both students and teachers. Find out more about this project

BayWa Foundation

Responsibility towards the disadvantaged

The BayWa Foundation was set up in 1998 to initiate and support both national and international sustainable educational projects in the nutrition and renewable energy fields. The Foundation is one of a kind because 100 per cent of all donations flow directly into projects thanks to BayWa AG’s generosity in meeting all the administration costs. Furthermore, BayWa AG match funds every single donation – so every contribution automatically doubles in value. 

Educational initiatives play a major role in all of our projects. We believe that education is the only way to enable people to help themselves in the long term, and also to provide futureproof development opportunities for the disadvantaged around the world. Find out more

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