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Ferguson Wind Farm

About the Project

Ferguson Wind Farm has an output of 10.8 MW and is connected to the existing 22 kV electricity network in the southwest Victoria via two separate connection points (Ferguson North 3.6 MW and Ferguson South 7.2 MW).  It consists of three Vestas V136 4.0 MW turbines that have a rotor diameter of 136m, a tip height of 200m and together produce the equivalent energy usage of around 7,500 households.

Project Location

The wind farm site is located in the Corangamite Shire in southwest Victoria approximately 12.5 km south of the town of Simpson. It is bounded by Princetown Road to the south and east by private properties to the north and west.

Planning Permit

The planning application was lodged in October 2016 and following assessment by the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning, the Minister issued the Planning Permit  (PA1600139) in April 2017.  Amendments to the Permit were made in early 2019 to capture the procured turbine and in 2020 to enable the installation of a meteorological mast on the site.

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